"I was a stranger and you welcomed me"

We love how diverse our church is. Anyone from any background is welcome to visit our church. You'll join a community of believers who want to spread love, unity and God's deliverance. We also welcome apostles, bishops and ministers to attend one of our leadership conferences to gain valuable insight into what it means to lead.

Email us to ask any questions or learn how you can make a donation to support our church.

Join a Loving Christian Community

Worship and grow closer to God with us

Are you looking for a nondenominational church to attend? Maybe you're just starting your walk with God and need some guidance. International Churches of Deliverance in Charlotte, NC welcomes anyone who wants to grow in Christ. Our mission is to empower Christians by teaching the Bible and spreading God's word.

You can connect, serve and grow with God during our:

  • Bible studies
  • Ministry training
  • Church services
  • Local ministry outreach

Want to spend time with us at one of our leadership conferences? Call 704-750-9773 today to speak with one of our church staff about how to register.